VON Foot Care Clinic

For those at risk for foot problems and/or find it difficult to care for their own feet.

Foot care

Provided by RNs trained in Advanced Foot Care.

  • VON provides a general overview of your health and a thorough assessment of your feet
  • hands-on care and treatment of foot-related issues
  • referral to other health professionals like doctors or podiatrists, if needed.

2023 VON dates

  • November 13
  • December 11

2024 VON dates

  • Jan 8th
  • Feb 5th
  • March 4th
  • April 8th
  • April 29th
  • May 27th
  • June 24th
  • July 22nd
  • Aug 19th
  • Sept 16th
  • Oct 21st
  • Nov 18th
  • Dec 16th

Call VON to book an appointment  613-634-0130, ext 2303

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